Project 1: Development

Noël’s first project for the museum was solely in collaboration with the Development Department.  For this project, it was her task to locate companies in the Seattle area that could be approached about potentially becoming a corporate member for the museum.  Corporate membership at the museum involves a donation of anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 and above.  These members could see a vast array of of benefits including: recognition, member’s only receptions, and discounts at the museum’s shops and cafe’s.

To complete the task Noël:

  1. Researched local companies
  2. Created business profiles
  3. Located contact information for the businesses
  4. Created a phone/e-mail script to use when making contact
  5. Made cold calls to the companies requesting membership

Noël found working with the development department very fulfilling but she states: “I found the cold-calling portion of the Development project to be a bit difficult.”  This was because cold-calling involves discussing monetary donations over the phone with people you have no relations with.

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